Q: Who is your favorite?

14-year-old Scarlett.






I just wanted to say something about the famous letter. I don’t give a shit if you agree or disagree, but I agree and I’ll tell you why.
So, we’re in 2014 and remembering last year, we have to do some matching.
Remember the fantastic #AskJaredLeto by Jared on Twitter? That doesn’t exist anymore.
Remember the long VyRTs? 6 hours VyRTs. That doesn’t exist anymore.
Remember free VyRT Violet? That doesn’t exist anymore.
setlists: 13 songs. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? 13 SONGS? They should do at least 20 songs!
The tour is called “Love Lust Faith + Dreams”, ok, but… no S/T songs at all? That’s not fair!
Not all the Echelon prefer the last two albums, some prefer the S/T and ABL (like me).
How many times do we cry ‘cause we’ll never listen to songs like Buddha For Mary or R-Evolve live?
The band is far, far away from us. Close, but far away.
They don’t love us like they did before, they don’t answer to us on Twitter anymore, they ignore every single request we make.
They considered us like a family, and a family has the right to give some advice, but they are ignoring us.
The Echelon always fight for what they believe in, Mars taught us, and now we are fighting to get the old Mars back.
I’m sick and tired of live songs unfinished with an acoustic guitar.
Do you like Mars who only cares about money and not about us? Good for you, we don’t.
We want Mars who cares about us, who hears our desperate requests, who listens to us.
Jared, Shannon and Tomo are my life, they will always be, but I don’t recognize the band I discovered many years ago anymore.
Don’t you see how much they are far away from us?
On Twitter they only write things like “Go VIP with…” and I don’t give a fuck about that shit.
I want answers, I want them to have a relationship with us like it was before.
Dammit, why are you so blind? You divinize them, you see them as gods, you only want to fuck Jared or Shannon and you don’t give a shit about the music.
You only wait for the moment when Jared says “Do you really want me?” during Hurricane only to scream “Yeeeeeeah” like horny girls.
You live in another world where you think Jared and Shannon will marry you, will have babies with you, and you don’t realize how much it’s all fucked-up with this band.
Stop licking their asses and grow up, for God’s sake! You won’t receive a medal for “Best Echelon of the year”.
We are all Echelon, you don’t have the fucking right to say who is an Echelon and who isn’t an Echelon.
"I’m the Echelon and I don’t agree with that letter". What the fuck does this mean?
That people who agree are not Echelon? I agree and I’m an Echelon like you, SO SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH UP.
Go back to your dreams where Jared fucks you all day long, but don’t say that we are not real Echelon.
Leave us alone, we will fight until the end and you can’t do a shit about it.
Provehito In Altum.